FOCUS Trainings

FOCUS: Early Childhood Observational Assessment Tool (ECOT)
FOCUS: Early Childhood Observational Assessment Tool-Refresher (ECOT-R)
LETRS-EC Strategies in Action: Read Alouds
FOCUS: ePyramid Debriefs
FOCUS: Intentional Teaching with Application Trainings
FOCUS: Leadership Academy
FOCUS: LETRS-EC with Application
FOCUS: WIDA Early Years
LETRS-EC: 3 Day Online Training (Administrators Only)
LETRS-EC Strategies in Action
Office Hours with Jana Frost
Reflective Leaders for Children, Families, and Others in Challenging Times
Responding to Challenging Behaviors
Transition Boot Camp
Trauma-Informed Care & the Pyramid Model
Wellness: Taking Care of Yourself
The Registrant Access Module Link