UDL Professional Learning - Available until December 31, 2021

Introduction to Universal Design for Learning (Recorded Sessions)

This is a ten-part webinar series introducing participants to Universal Design for Learning, a framework for learning design that reflects what we know from the learning sciences about how people learn. Your facilitators are Susan Shapiro and Ari Fleisher.

We will introduce you to UDL Core Concepts, the UDL Design Process, and the UDL Guidelines, and you will learn how to apply these ideas to your own learning designs.

This webinar series offers one hour of continued professional learning for each webinar attended. You will view the entire hour of content and follow the instructions at the end of each webinar for processing your attendance.

Webinar 1 - Universal Design for Learning: A Framework

Webinar 2 - Learner Variability is the Norm

Webinar 3 - Barriers in Designs, not Learners

Webinar 4 - All Students Becoming Expert Learners

Webinar 5 - Making Learning Accessible

Webinar 6 - Clear Goals, Flexible Means

Webinar 7 - UDL Guidelines, Principles & Checkpoints

Webinar 8 - Universally-Designed Learning Environments

Webinar 9 - Universally-Designed Lesson Plans

Webinar 10 - Designing for Expert Learning

CAST UDL Guidelines Webinar Series

Available until December 31, 2021.

By now you have been introduced to the foundational concepts of UDL:

  • All learners are variable.
  • The barriers are in the curriculum, not the learner.
  • All learners can practice expert learning.

This series will take you one giant step further. The UDL Guidelines help us to understand the sources of variability for learners, where curriculum can cause a barrier and the components of any learning experience that educators should pay attention to as they design learning. Throughout the series, we will share our experiences working with teams to implement the UDL Guidelines by telling stories, reflecting on artifacts from classrooms, and providing resources for you to take and use. CAST Implementation Specialist, Niel Albero, will facilitate your professional learning experience making connections along the way.

Select the following links to get started. You are welcome to view as many as you choose.

  1. Introduction
  2. Recruiting Interest
  3. Sustaining Effort and Persistence
  4. Self-Regulation
  5. Perception
  6. Language and Symbols
  7. Comprehension
  8. Physical Action
  9. Expression and Communication
  10. Executive Functions